How to Write QSEN Nursing Paper

Have you heard of QSEN Nursing Paper? Are you interested in pursuing a nursing career or already in nursing school? Or, are already a practicing nurse looking to advance your career by continuing higher learning, you know acronyms are inevitable.

During your nursing studies or practice, you’ll come across countless acronyms, each imperative to your success as a student and a practicing nurse.

One such acronym is QSEN. This article expounds the QSEN nursing paper, including crucial QSEN competencies.

What is QSEN in Nursing?

The acronym QSEN stands for Quality and Safety Education in Nursing. It is one of the most essential concepts for nursing students.

The concept was developed to help equip nurses with the skills and knowledge they need to continuously deliver safe, quality care to patients within their healthcare ecosystem.

Why the QSEN Concept is Important  

Despite improvements in medical technology, medical errors remain an incredibly serious problem in healthcare. They pose a massive threat to patient safety.

According to recent research, these errors are accountable for about 200,000 preventable deaths and cost medical facilities across the US, about $19.5 billion annually.

Such costs and deaths can be avoided if healthcare teams are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards service delivery. This is why QSEN is a crucial element in nursing.

The incorporation of QSEN competencies in nursing education helps students and future nurses to develop clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills required to deliver quality and safe patient care.

To achieve this, students are often assigned journal questions and QSEN nursing papers that challenge them to reflect on their clinical experiences.

QSEN Competencies

Nurses are the glue to modern-day healthcare. Given their crucial role, it’s essential that every nursing student not only familiarizes themselves with QSEN competencies but also practice them every day.

For a nursing student to adequately do this and to handle a QSEN nursing paper and QSEN initiative, they must first understand each of the core QSEN competencies. We breakdown each of these competencies below:

1.    Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care is at the core of QSEN competencies. It involves the student recognizing the patient as the source of control and providing compassionate care based on the patient’s values.

This means taking the patient’s preferences, values, and ideas into consideration while delivering care.

To observe this value, nurses should work towards satisfying the patient needs instead of doing what they deem professionally convenient.

They should deliver care while enhancing patient participation by giving the green light on the procedures to be done on them based on their personal, cultural, and even beliefs.

Implementing the patient-centered care QSEN competencies also involves the nurse informing the patient’s family of the diagnosis and state of health of the patient while utilizing QSEN resources.

In some instances, the patient may not have proper health literacy they need to take charge of their wellbeing.

In such cases, the nurse is expected to walk the mile by giving adequate patient education and involving the patient’s family in the treatment process.

In QSEN nursing papers, you will often find questions like “explain how cultural and ethnic backgrounds serve as a source of patient values.”

Such questions are meant to test a nursing student’s competence in delivering patient-centered care. 

2.    Teamwork and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are the fuel to smooth-sailing clinical functioning and the key to high-quality health care service delivery.

That being said, this competency is geared towards training nursing students to embrace teamwork and collaboration.

It dramatically improves the working environment and the quality of healthcare delivery as each nurse becomes more open to criticism from other nurses and assisting where necessary.

The teamwork and collaboration competency has also been termed useful in decision-making and role sharing.

Besides enhancing student’s conflict management skills, the team members focus on improving patient care delivery.

3.    Evidence-Based Practice

The third QSEN competency urges nurses to make good use of current and advanced practices in the provision of patient care as emphasized in the website.

Although every medical facility has its culture or a unique way of doing things, nurses and healthcare personnel should embrace the latest standards of patient care.

They should avoid doing things the convenient way for them, and instead work towards meeting and surpassing the patient’s aspirations.

In other words, they should accept that change in the world of medicine is inevitable.

It should be flexible enough to conform to the latest standards of healthcare instead of insisting on adhering to the hospital’s culture or way of doing things.

This competency not only improves service delivery, but also helps alleviate work-related injuries, and patient casualties.

4.    Quality Improvement

The goal of every healthcare professional is to deliver safe, quality, and adequate patient care.

Utilizing the top three QSEN teaching strategies, that is, patient-centered care, teamwork, and collaboration as well as an evidence-based practice, helps in achieving these goals. However, safe care isn’t always efficient

 Quality improvement or QI competency encourages hospitals to use the existing data to try to identify and improve these inefficiencies.

Nursing students are also encouraged to take part in such processes so they can learn how to better handle and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

5.    Safety

Just as the name suggests, the safety competency aims at preventing harm to patients.

Hospitals should build a culture of safety towards patient care, and student nurses should be trained at observing these practices to bolster performance and accountability.

6.    Informatics

The final QSEN competency is informatics, which encourages nurses and healthcare professionals to utilize IT in communication, knowledge management, error prevention, and decision-making.

This competency aims at improving the ability of nursing students to deliver top-notch patient care through the reduction of errors.

Master QSEN Competencies Today

The QSEN competencies were developed to help ensure nursing students and practicing nurses contribute to positive patient outcomes.

Mastering them now is the key to not only acing your QSEN nursing paper but also becoming a productive member of the healthcare community.

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