Reflective Essay for Nursing Student

Did you just got assigned a reflective essay for nursing students and no idea where to start? If yes, then you are not alone. Reflective essays for nursing students can be tricky to write even for the most experienced students.

The good news is that you happen to be in the right place. Learn more about a reflective essay for nursing students from the few nursing reflection paper examples to illustrate better how you come up with one.

What is a Nursing Reflective Essay?

In nursing school, a reflective essay refers to a form of academic writing where the writer purposely contemplates their thoughts and experiences. Next, he/she breaks down how these experiences have helped shape them into the person they are today.

You’re expected to express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a particular person, event, or object.

For those in nursing school, a reflective essay can best be defined as a form of writing where nursing student highlights their clinical experience with patients. It is technically an essay on your experience as a clinician.

Although a reflective essay nursing student is a form of academic writing, it’s usually casual compared to other types of essays.

You’re allowed to use a more casual tone using the first-person voice so you can efficiently give your views and opinions on your topic.

Importance of Nursing Reflective Essays

To the untrained eye, a reflective essay might appear like story-telling. Still, it is an incredibly essential part of any nursing student’s growth.

Taking the time to contemplate your clinical and classroom experiences helps you understand the impact of your actions.

It also allows you to determine what you could have done better to make the experience seamless for both you and the patient. Take for instance the nursing reflection paper instructions below;

Reflect on your first-ever clinical experience and describe your first patient’s diagnosis and your interaction with them. Were there any surprises? Is there anything you wish you did differently? Explain your overall reaction to the experience.

Addressing all the questions on the nursing reflection example above helps you nurture your professional nursing skills because based on your reflection you get to;

  • Identify whether you had the expertise to solve the patient’s problem
  • Determine whether you had any prejudice towards the patient or their problem, and how this affected your judgment.  
  • Identify whether you remained decisive during the experience.
  • Determine whether you were willing to work through the difficulties of the experience or instead assess your problem-solving skills.

Writing a reflective essay, nursing student helps you develop critical thinking. It also helps you divert focus from self, and shift it to your patients.

At the same time, it puts you in better control of your emotional responses and personal biases, so they don’t cloud your judgment during service delivery to patients.

This makes you much better in synthesizing and employing your classroom or clinical knowledge.

In the end, it molds you into a better student and an efficient nurse in your practice.

How to Write a Reflective Essay for Nursing Students?

If you have recently been assigned a nursing student clinical experience essay, here are some of the steps you should take to write one that meets and exceeds the expectations of your instructor;

Step 1: Select a topic

Usually, for reflective essay nursing student, your professor will often assign you a topic, or provide you with a few prompts to write.

If you’ve been assigned a specific topic, great! That takes the guesswork out of the equation. If you have not been assigned, and instead you were given several prompts, pick one that interests you the most so you can be motivated to write a great essay.

If you haven’t been assigned any specific topic or prompt, you will have to create your own. Here are some excellent nursing reflection paper example topics to get you started;

  • Describe how you overcome bullying among nursing staff
  • What is the role of emotional intelligence in your nursing career?
  • Explore some of the ethical dilemmas you’ve come across during your practice

Step 2: Research and Outline.

 Just because a reflective essay focuses on personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions doesn’t mean you should go on a story-telling spree.

You are expected to describe how your primary reflection relates to professional nursing principles and established evidence while outlining how the experience shaped you into a better nurse.

Remember, outlining is the secret to success in any form of academic writing. It helps you organize your thoughts and upholds the logical integrity of your nursing student clinical experience essay. Ensure you note any important points you come across in your research, and then outline them in the order of relevance to your reflection.

Step 3: Review Your Outline and Start Writing

Once you complete your research, take the time to analyze all the points on your outline, to see whether they are relevant. If yes, then you can now start writing your nursing student clinical experience essay.

Nursing Reflection Paper Example

The tips will be useful during reflective writing, but the nursing reflection paper example below gives you an even more precise idea of what exactly your professor expects;

During my first clinical routine, I was presented with a 25-year old male patient in severe abdominal pain. Under the supervision of my medical officer and on the patient’s consent, I carried out a full abdominal examination. The patient wasn’t experiencing any worrying symptoms associated with severe abdominal emergencies.

I felt pretty confident in my skills and ability to handle the patient and carry out a full assessment. I had already practiced this several times during classroom practical tests with my instructor.

I feel I got great insights into the patient’s medical history thanks to my application of the SOLER principles. This allowed me to carry out an efficient diagnosis by ruling out non-related causes of the patient’s pain.

I feel pleased that I singlehandedly managed to rule out unrelated causes of the patient’s pain using the principle mentioned earlier, and performing a thorough examination on the patient.  I used the results of the examination to determine the exact cause of the pain.

My medical officer seemed happy with not only my results but also my professional care plan. He, however, pointed out the essence of improving my physical examination expertise.

To become a better practitioner, I must practice physical examinations under the guidance of a medical officer or another senior practitioner.

In Case You Need Professional Help

This article discusses the basics of reflective writing. The nursing reflection example above is guaranteed to help you craft an excellent reflective essay nursing student paper. Nevertheless, in case you need more professional help, do not hesitate to place an order and get expert help.

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