How to Write a Nursing School Entrance Essay

After a few years of hard work in high school, you’ve finally done your exams, passed with premium grades, and now you’re excited to join your desired nursing school.

However, just before you can finish dancing to the tune of your success, you realize you have to write a nursing school entrance essay.

No problem; after all, it’s just an essay. You craft one, submit it, and after a few days or weeks, you get an application rejected email from the college.

Your grades are superb, and you even have slight nursing experience. Where could you have gone wrong?

This best describes the heartbreaking scenario most aspiring nursing students face annually.

This article seeks to ensure you’re not the next one by highlighting the top five mistakes to avoid in your nursing school entrance essay.

What is a Nursing School Entrance Essay?

Before we get to the common mistakes aspiring nursing students make, what is a nursing school entrance essay?

It is one of the most critical elements of your nursing school application. Also known as the statement of purpose, the letter of intent, or personal statement, this essay is your only chance to convince the admission board that you make an ideal nursing student.

You have to explain the reasons why you believe you would make a great nursing student, and why you want to join that particular nursing school.  

Top Eight Common Nursing School Entrance Mistakes to Avoid

As noted, the nursing entrance essay can make or break your application. Don’t ruin your chances of getting into your favorite nursing school by making these mistakes;

1.    Repeating the Obvious

The nursing school entrance essay is your opportunity to tell the admission committee something new about you.

Do not waste this perfect chance by repeating something that is already on other parts of your application.

For instance, if you included swimming as one of your hobbies in the activity section of your nursing application, do not repeat it in the essay.

The admission officers will have already seen it, and it won’t be of any relevance to them in the essay.

2.    Mentioning Other Nursing Schools

The main reason why you are writing a nursing school entrance essay is that you want to convince the admission board that you deserve a spot in their facility.

You need to make the admission officers believe they were at the top of your list even if, in reality, they were your last choice. Avoid mentioning other nursing universities and colleges at all costs.

3.    Lies and Exaggeration

Although you’re supposed to make the admission committee believe they were your top choice, that does not mean you go about lying and exaggerating.

There’s a fine line between convincing these admission officers and lying and having handled nursing school entrance essays for years.

These officers will detect a lie or exaggeration from miles away.

Keep things factual. Do not lie about your grades, either. Even if you’re not caught during the screening process, you’ll likely be discovered during the nursing school admission interviews.

4.    Including Your Academic Discrepancies in the Essay

Honesty is a virtue, but that doesn’t mean you highlight your weaknesses in the essay.

This essay is intended to showcase your strengths, and portray you as an asset to not only the nursing college but the nursing community in general.

Don’t address any negatives. Use this opportunity to draw attention to your expertise. After all, you only get one chance to impress the admissions board, so use it to build yourself.

5.    Name Dropping Famous Hospitals and Medical Facilities

If you once got an opportunity to participate in a medical workshop at a famous hospital, or your school once arranged for those passionate about medicine to meet with a renowned surgeon, then great!

Use this experience to make your statement stand out. However, don’t make this the center of your nursing school entrance essay.

This will not only divert attention from your other vital accomplishments but may make you come off as arrogant.

Instead of focusing on the hospital or the famous surgeon, draw attention to what you learned from the experience and how it helped shape your perception of nursing.

6.     Clichés and Quotes

“I want to be a nurse because I want to make a difference in people’s lives,” “I’ve always known I want to pursue a career in medicine since I was a child,” “I’ve always been fascinated by medicine,”

Avoid such statements as a plague.

Sure your statement should tell the admissions officer the reasons why you’re passionate about nursing.

If you use a cliché statement, your essay will not be any different from the hundred others they’ve received.

Talk about experiences that spurred your interest in nursing but ensure you make them unique to you.

You want to create a great first impression and capture the attention of the admission officers.

Avoid quotes. They are great, but just as with clichés, they add no value to your letter of intent. If anything, they reduce the number of words you could have used to convince the admission committee you deserve a spot in the facility.

7.    Not Requesting Feedback

Even if you were the best essay writer, it’s always wise to have someone else go through your nursing school entrance essay and give you feedback.

They may notice a mistake you had not seen, or even give you more pointers on how you can make your essay appealing.

Get Professional Nursing Entrance Essay Writing Help

A poorly written nursing school entrance essay can negatively impact your chances of approval, even if you had the best academic scores.

Remember, admission officials receive countless applications from high-performing students.

They’re always looking for that one essay that stands out. Make sure yours is among these by avoiding the mistakes above.

If you are having a hard time creating the perfect nursing personal statement, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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