How to Write ‘Why I Want To Be a Nurse’ Essay

While seeking to secure admission to your preferred nursing school, you may be given a “why choose nursing’ “is nursing for me,” or “why do you want to be a nurse” essay prompts.

So why I want to be a nurse? By definition, a nurse is someone trained to provide care for the sick. However, this description may not contain all it takes to be a nurse. It may take more than a mere education to provide care for an ailing person.

If you are wondering whether nursing is for you, it may be essential to know that you have to write at least a 500-word essay on why you want to become a nurse.

 It is an academic expectation for enrollment into any nursing institution. You will have to persuade an admissions committee that you are a good fit for their institution by highlighting the reasons you want to become a nurse.

1.   Why I Want to be a Nurse: To Make the World a Better Place

While expounding your professional goals for nursing, you should not mention it as a path to financial freedom.

Instead, what matters is the willingness to help and care for others and a genuine longing to make the world a better place.

At heart, all healthcare providers desire to give back or contribute to the betterment of society. Societies consist of families, which individuals make up.

By helping an individual, a nurse is supporting the building block of society. With such a heart, you can confidently say that nursing is for you.

When writing your “why I Want to be a nurse” essay, explain why you will have to be aware of the needs of patients as a vocational nurse. In such a case, it is your responsibility to see things not from a medical standpoint but also the perspective of my patient.

You should be able to put yourself in the patient’s shoes and see the experience through their eyes. Nurses should be observant, compassionate, and competent listeners.

Mention in your essay that nurses should also have proficient communication skills for assessing and delivering information.

Excellent communication is essential in ensuring that you do not overlook anything that can hamper service delivery or patient care satisfaction. Not everyone can afford healthcare insurance or medical care.

You can also explain that you want to become a nurse because it could make a difference in the lives of individuals who are not able to get the help they need. You may find it is rewarding to provide care to the underprivileged and those with limited resources.

2.    I Love Caring for People

In your nursing application/why I Want to be a nurse essay, you will realize that you will hardly refer to nursing as an easy job. It involves hard work, commitment, and interacting with individuals experiencing diverse health challenges.

Some patients may be more challenging to assist than others do. Some may even give you a hard time while doing your job like patients who fear taking shots.

Mention in your essay why it is necessary for you to be stable enough and be able to handle uncomfortable, challenging, or even fatal situations.

In either saving or losing lives, you may have to learn to keep as calm as possible to assist the next patient.

3.    Nursing is Dynamic: To Find Better Ways to Provide Healthcare

The medical healthcare field is very dynamic. Discoveries are being made to improve the quality of life.

You could mention in your why I Want to be a nurse essay that you want to be part of nurses interested in learning new methods of providing healthcare.

You could also see nursing as an ever-ongoing learning process. A desire to learn is critical to the efficiency of anyone who wants to join the nursing profession.

There are different specialties available in nursing. Thus, nurses could work wherever they prefer.

Nurses can work in family practice, pediatrics, maternal-infant, or others. Nurses can work in a variety of departments like healthcare administration, public health, or patient care coordination, among others.

4.    Various Academic Programs in Nursing

Given the diverse specialties in this field, you could be asking yourself, “What kind of nurse should I be?”

Nursing academic programs are currently available in many places all over the world. There are several nursing online learning programs, as well. As a result, even individuals with demanding responsibilities can afford long-distance learning programs.

While writing your why I want to be a nurse essay, mention how nurses can collaborate with other professional disciplines to improve healthcare outcomes.

The fusion of nursing with teaching, registered nurses can become school instructors teaching on subjects such as health education. Mention how the nursing will enable you to explore different job opportunities as per your preferences.

5.    Registered Nurses Can Work Anywhere in the World

You may mention in your essay how choosing nursing will be in line with your hobbies like vising new places or helping underserved populations across the globe.

Presently, we need nurses everywhere around the world, wherever other people require medical help.

Nurses can find jobs in a more straightforward way than other professions. RNs can find employment in a variety of places.

With this approach in your why I want to be a nurse essay and personal statement, you can mention how you want to travel around the world to provide care to those who need it. If you love to travel as a hobby, this could fit within your bounds as a nurse.

6.    Nurses Help in Emergencies Outside Their Work Environment

The skills acquired by trained nurses can prove vital in emergencies. Medical emergencies or accidents could arise anywhere at any given time.

For instance, someone may suffer from an allergic reaction or suffer from asthma or heart attack.

As a nurse, you will have the knowledge and training necessary to provide the needed medical help or first aid.

Mention in your why I want to be a nurse essay how the nursing school will equip you with skills and information to handle an emergency outside the hospital’s emergency room as well as possible and will likely save someone’s life.

7.    Why I Want to be a Nurse: Nursing Fosters Interaction with People of All Kinds

As a nurse, you can afford to interact with many different people, people of various backgrounds, races, and ages.

 You may consider this a positive experience if you have an edge for social conversations. Unlike working in an office, there is extensive human contact in nursing, which eventually enhances people’s social skills.

Nurses interact with doctors, patients, and patient’s families. As a nurse, you will have to analyze and relay information from these interactions.

Mention in your why I want to be a nurse essay how this information can be valuable in finding the best course of treatment for a patient. Nurses also act as liaisons between doctors, patients, and other involved parties.

You will also be able can guide patients on how they can handle particular medical conditions. They can also tell patients’ families how to take care of sick relatives in the most impactful way.

All these aspects are core to the professional goals for nurses, and you should be creative while writing your essay on why nursing is right for you as you can see from the following example.


There is a sense of duty and responsibility that is only satisfied in service to the greater good of others rather than only ourselves. When writing “why do I want to be a nurse essay’ essay, do your best to show your motivation with the help of a recommendation letter for nursing school or other supporting documents needed in your application.

in your why I want to be a nurse, Be sure to show how nursing is a doorway for you to help others at a difficult point in their lives. To assist should inspire you to be the best registered nurse that you can and hold this vocation in the highest respect because of the impact it leaves in the world.

Before making a career decision, you should ask yourself the question of why you would love to be a nurse. Your reasons for choosing to be a nurse will determine how you provide health care to your patients. Are you still unsure if nursing is for you? Let us craft that position paper for you!

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