Why I Want To Be a Nurse Sample Essay

Do you know how to write ‘why I want to be a nurse’ essay? When faced with the question, “why do you want to be a nurse today?” the most generic response would be, ‘because I seek to serve and help people.”

While helping people is important to me, I also seek to learn and satisfy my inherent curiosity about the human body, people, diversity, the healthcare system, and medical science.

My fascination with nursing stems from the fact that I like people, their diversity, and the mystery that is the human body.

Very few professions are as friendly as nursing. A nurse gets to connect with the patients, their families, and communities and ask the most personal questions. Nursing is a near-perfect profession for me because I am an inherently curious person.

Furthermore, the human body amazes me in different ways, and as a nurse, I get to explore a different aspect of the human body, which is very fulfilling. I also seek to explore the intricacies of the modern health care system.

This article explores my reasons for seeking a career in nursing.

Why I want to be a Nurse: The Mystery of the Human Body

Different things about the human body fascinate me. The human body has interesting aspects, but I will only mention the top three for me.

First, it is the heart, its complexity, and its performance. I seek to learn more about the chemical and mechanical aspects of the heart that enable it to perform a central role in the blood circulation process.

Second, it is the idea of the breast producing milk. This intricate ability demonstrates the incomprehensible mechanisms of the human body. Delving into such aspects of the human body excites me.

Thirdly on why I want to be a nurse, the science of conception that has been oversimplified into the egg and sperm meet to become and form a human life is also a concept that fascinates me.

Anatomy and physiology is an essential aspect of nursing as the knowledge acquired help nurses to perform head-to-toe assessments. For instance, when assessing a patient’s heart, the nurse should know the valves that should be assessed.

Since anatomy and philosophy is a requisite course in nursing, it presents an opportunity for me to satisfy my curiosity regarding the structure and function of the human body. The knowledge gained not only gets to feed my curiosity, but I also get to care for the patients safely.

Medical Science is Alluring

Besides my fascination with the human body, I find medical science very alluring. Nurses seek knowledge which spans from scientific breakthroughs and technology updates to novel conditions and treatments, and the changing health care policy.

Nurses get to pass this information to patients to help establish healthier people as well as healthier communities. The idea of passing the knowledge acquired to the patients or sharing with peers also provides tremendous satisfaction.

Connecting With People, Their Diversity, and Making a Difference

The healthcare sector serves a broad spectrum of people, and as a nurse, one gets to encounter people from different aspects of life. It is quite rewarding to be a source of security and comfort to families and patients, especially at their lowest and most vulnerable moments.

As an intimate profession, a nurse gets to learn personal details about different people, which helps the nurse to learn about the differences in humanity.

On why I want to be a nurse, the greatest gift is playing a pivotal role in improving the patient’s well-being and getting genuine gratitude from my patients. I care about people; hence, making them comfortable and showing genuine care and love for my patients can be very fulfilling.

Under my care, I can only hope that the patients get to feel the highest form of love. I also want them to feel heard as I seek to understand their concerns and desires.

For suffering patients, I want to be a nurse and make them to feel my compassion and comfort. I want my presence to make them stay hopeful and positive about life.

I want to be a nurse that I wish for myself when I am unwell. When I get into the room, I want patients to show excitement and feel they are in skilled and safe hands. My needs should give them hope and peace.

Helping patients at their most vulnerable is one of the ways that I can use to spread love in my community and around the world.

Suitable Environment

The nursing community comprises of kind, sincere, honest, and bright human beings. I have met outstanding nurses anytime I go to the healthcare facility or even in the community.

Nurses are intimate, warm, and very reassuring people, and it will be quite rewarding to work with some of the most caring people around the world. I am not only inspired by the work that nurses do but also by their innate characteristics and amazing personalities.

Working in a high-pressure, demanding, and fast-paced work environment like a hospital can get overwhelming. However, having knowledgeable and warm peers makes everything motivating.

The nursing workplace is also a learning environment and enhances one’s critical thinking skills, especially with the constant need to make impactful and critical decisions. This influences my decision on why want to be a nurse.

Wide Array of Opportunities

The modern-day nurse is presented with a wide variety of working opportunities. Some of them include a nursing home, a physician’s office, or a hospital. Besides, a nurse can work in different hospital sectors, including the emergency room, critical care, or the operating room.

The nurse also gets to advance and specialize in areas such as oncology, psychiatry, pediatrics, or geriatrics. Furthermore, a nurse can also choose to work as a public health or community health nurse.

The nursing opportunities are vast, which makes the profession quite exciting for me. Learning never stops in nursing, and with more knowledge, there are more work opportunities.

Nursing leadership is an exciting aspect of nursing that fascinates me. Presently, the modern-day nurse has assumed new roles, including leading and managing change in the increasingly dynamic healthcare sector.

Dynamic Medical Field

I want to be a nurse because I thrive in addressing challenges, and the medical field continues to come up with different approaches to healthcare and wellness, thus presenting an ideal work environment for me to use my strengths and explore the diversities and opportunities available in nursing.

For instance, health promotion and disease prevention strategies are continually evolving, especially with the changing disease-type and social demographics. Nurses get to come up with different approaches to enhance health care in the community.

The amount of research that goes into better healthcare amazes me. Beyond providing patient care, I would love to function in the research capacity, explore different aspects of healthcare, and use the findings to influence policy.

The research opportunities in the dynamic healthcare system not only help in solving the existing health issues in our communities but also allow the nurse to make significant career advancements. 

Overall, my interest in nursing is an intersection of a myriad of factors ranging from my fascination with the human body and my love for people and diversity to the vast working opportunities available for the modern nurse.

While my generic response to why I want to be a nurse would be so that I can help people, the present-day nursing role is quite layered, and one gets to do more than caring for the patients, which makes it more fascinating for me.

It is about being at the front line of leading and managing change in the research, advocacy, and influencing policies, as well as health promotion and disease prevention in the communities.

Being a nurse today is the near-perfect work opportunity for me to utilize my strengths and function in an environment that is utterly rewarding and feeds me emotionally, mentally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

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